Miydi: AI Driven Cloud for Athletes

Resell AI Solutions with Miydi

Expand your revenue by reselling Miydi's AI services and web tools on your platform.

Elevate Your Business Offerings

Resell AI Services & Web Tools

Boost your business by reselling our AI services and web creation tools on your own platform. This is an ideal opportunity for hosts and cloud service providers looking to offer cutting-edge solutions to their clients, helping them stand out in the competitive marketplace.
Our reseller program is designed to support your growth and success, providing attractive payouts and long-term partnership potential. With a percentage of overall revenue for the lifetime of the account, you can capitalize on the power of our innovative AI services.

Boost Revenue Per User

Increase average revenue per user by incorporating Miydi's value-added services. Offer a more comprehensive experience, maximizing returns and customer satisfaction.

Improve Customer Retention

Keep clients engaged with high-quality, tailored solutions from Miydi. Our AI-driven tools ensure your customers receive personalized experiences, fostering loyalty.

Resell at Various Levels

Versatile Integration Options

Resell our AI services and web creation tools at different levels, including Application, WordPress, and hosting. This flexibility allows you to tailor your offerings to your customers' unique needs and maximize your revenue potential.
Our optimized AI content and images can be integrated seamlessly into your existing solutions, providing your customers with a superior experience. Deliver exceptional value and drive customer satisfaction by partnering with Miydi.

Enhance Your Service Portfolio

Targeting Hosts & Cloud Providers

Our reseller program is specifically designed for hosts and cloud service providers seeking to differentiate their services. By offering our AI-driven solutions, you can elevate your offerings, attract a wider customer base, and stay ahead of the competition.
From applications and WordPress plugins to specialized design tools, our platform provides a variety of integration options that empower you to deliver top-quality services. Enhance your reputation as a leading provider by partnering with Miydi.

Attract New Customers

Draw in new clients by offering innovative AI-powered products from Miydi. Our advanced solutions appeal to a wide audience, expanding your business and customer base.

Enhance Product Offerings

Elevate your existing products with optimized AI content from Miydi. Our technology enhances your services, ensuring your clients receive the best possible solutions.

Scale Faster with Miydi

Leverage our expertise and resources to accelerate your business growth. Miydi's partnership enables you to scale faster, tapping into new opportunities and markets.

Capitalize on AI Demand

Benefit from the growing demand for AI-driven applications and services. Partner with Miydi to offer cutting-edge solutions, positioning your business for success.

Boost Business with Miydi

Enhance Offerings with AI

Partner with Miydi to access cutting-edge AI-driven solutions that elevate your service offerings. Stand out in a competitive market by providing clients with innovative tools and applications designed to unleash their full potential.

Customizable Tools for Clients

Offer your clients a personalized experience with Miydi's customizable tools and applications, specifically designed to cater to their unique needs. Enhance your service offerings, ensuring customer satisfaction and retention.

Stay Ahead with Updates

Ensure you remain at the forefront of the industry with Miydi's continuous updates and improvements. Our commitment to staying ahead of market trends means your service offerings will always be relevant and desirable.

Seamless Partner Support

Rely on Miydi's dedicated partner support to ensure a smooth and seamless collaboration. Our expert team is always available to assist, providing the necessary resources to help you and your clients succeed.

Flexible Integration Options

Experience hassle-free integration with Miydi's flexible compatibility options. Our solutions are designed to work seamlessly with various platforms and technologies, making it easier than ever to incorporate our AI tools into your existing services.

Committed to Partner Success

At Miydi, we prioritize long-term commitment to our partners' success. By collaborating with us, you'll gain a valuable ally in the quest for business growth, ensuring that together, we achieve new heights in the world of sports and beyond.

Profit from Long-term Partnerships

Competitive Lifetime Payouts

Benefit from our competitive payout structure, which provides a percentage of overall revenue for the lifetime of the account. This attractive compensation model rewards your commitment and helps you unlock new revenue streams as your customers thrive.
Our focus on building lasting partnerships ensures that both you and your customers will enjoy ongoing success. By aligning our goals, we can work together to revolutionize the world of sports and create a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Stay Ahead with Beta Opportunities

Program in Development Phase

Although our program is currently in development during the Beta stage, it represents an exciting opportunity for forward-thinking partners. Keep an eye on our progress and be among the first to benefit from our cutting-edge AI solutions.
As the platform evolves, we will continue to enhance our services and support our reseller partners. By staying informed and engaged during the development phase, you can position yourself for rapid success when the program goes live.

Grow Together with Miydi

Building Lasting Partnerships

At Miydi, we believe in the power of collaboration and the mutual success that comes from strong partnerships. Our reseller program is designed to support long-term growth and prosperity for both you and your customers.
By working together, we can drive innovation and revolutionize the world of sports. Join us in our mission

Effortless Integration, Enhanced Offerings

Compatibility with Sales Funnels

Miydi's AI products integrate smoothly with popular sales funnels and platforms.
Our solutions are designed for easy integration, making it simple for affiliate partners to incorporate our cutting-edge AI services into their existing offerings. With seamless compatibility, your customers can access Miydi's revolutionary products without disrupting their current workflows.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

Receive continuous support during the integration process.
Seamless Integration, Expert Assistance
We are committed to helping our partners succeed. Our team of experts provides ongoing support and guidance throughout the integration process, addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Benefit from our expertise to ensure a seamless integration experience, enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional value to your customers.

Simple Integration Process

Implement Miydi's products with ease using our detailed documentation.

WordPress Plug-and-Play Options

Effortlessly integrate Miydi's AI solutions into WordPress offerings.

Access to Optimized Images

Provide your customers with optimized images and assets.
Comprehensive Documentation, Quick Setup
We provide thorough documentation to guide you through the integration process. From step-by-step instructions to troubleshooting tips, our resources ensure a smooth onboarding experience. Save time and effort by quickly integrating Miydi's AI solutions into your existing sales funnels.
Enhance WordPress Offerings Instantly
Our plug-and-play options are perfect for businesses with WordPress-based platforms. Enhance your clients' experience by providing them with AI-driven features that are easily accessible through plugins and design tools. Expand your portfolio with minimal effort, while still delivering exceptional value.
Seamless Provisioning, Quality Assets
Gain access to our library of optimized images and assets for seamless provisioning. Provide high-quality, visually appealing content to enhance your customers' experience. Benefit from our extensive collection of resources, ensuring your clients have access to the best visuals and materials for their projects.