Miydi: AI Driven Cloud for Athletes

Miydi AI for Tournaments

Miydi AI revolutionizes tournament management by automating news updates and enhancing fan engagement with personalized, AI-crafted products throughout the competition’s progression.

Miydi AI: The Future of Tournament Management:

Elevate Your Tournament Experience with Automation and Personalization


Miydi AI is designed to transform how tournaments are managed, making every stage seamless and engaging. With its advanced algorithms, Miydi ensures real-time news updates, keeping participants and fans in the loop as the action unfolds.

Additionally, it takes fan engagement to a whole new level by crafting unique, AI-driven personalized products that reflect the tournament’s progression, creating memorable keepsakes and amplifying the event’s buzz.

Making Soccer Tournaments a Family Affair:

Use Miydi AI to make it easy to management a web presence for your tournament

Our Tournament AI starts with tools for families and athletes, to make it easy to find information and register.

Planning for such significant events can be overwhelming, so we’ve taken steps to streamline the process for attending parents. Months before the big day, we provide AI-curated news, featuring the most convenient accommodations linked directly through leading travel booking sites. Each article is tailored, covering everything from the best stay options to local attractions and dining recommendations based on your specific needs.


This user journey will show how AI can help create additional revenue opportunities within your current workflow. 

A central communication hub:

Supporting Soccer Families Every Step of the Way


AI optimized templates to speed up operations for all levels of events. 

As the event draws near, we ensure families and teams remain connected. An exclusive chatroom becomes your hub for all communications, from logistic discussions to sharing those light-hearted moments.

Moreover, as the countdown begins, we keep you updated with the latest event-related promotions and news through our AI-enhanced articles. Our commitment is to provide a seamless experience for parents, ensuring you’re there cheering for every goal.

Full CRM Integration:

Easy to manage multiple teams and stages

The Miydi AI is specifically designed for tournament structures that span multiple rounds. Embedded with intuitive logic, it seamlessly tracks the progression of each phase, generating and disseminating news articles and social media updates to keep audiences informed and engaged throughout the event.

  • The tournament unfolds in multiple stages. Achievements at each stage are recognized and celebrated.


  • Real-time updates are dispatched as teams progress. AI technology ensures that every milestone reached is communicated.


  • Articles and graphics spotlight leading teams. Achievements of players and coaches are highlighted, adding depth to the narrative.


  • Photographs are regularly taken during events. These images are enhanced by AI for promotional and commemorative uses at key milestones (such as the Sweet 16).


  • Graphics celebrate every significant advancement. When the final four is reached, a distinct announcement is shared.


  • Winning teams receive unique championship content. AI-generated articles capture the essence of their victory journey and document their success.


  • Players have access to personalized visuals. AI technology assists in generating creative designs from tournament photos.


  • Post-tournament, the focus shifts to the next season. Participants are encouraged to gear up and prepare early.

The capabilities of the Miydi AI transcend the confines of tournament size. With an advanced architecture, it can effortlessly manage events, whether they consist of a handful of teams or scale up to thousands of players, ensuring that no tournament is too vast for its comprehensive oversight.

Support small tournaments with friendlies all the way to international competitions with thousands of teams.

Generate revenue while providing an exciting service:

Fundraise with custom promotional products

Offered in easy bundles for convinient holiday gifts!

From the start, attendees have access to personalized online stores offering branded gear. As teams achieve milestones, special commemorative items and graphics celebrate their journey, all crafted using innovative AI technology that transforms player images into captivating designs.


  • Custom graphics celebrate each team’s milestones, driving enthusiasm among fans.


  • From the event’s outset, attendees can access personalized online stores filled with bespoke products.


  • Before the games commence, attendees can purchase branded promotional gear, showcasing their support.


  • During the tournament, photos capture memorable moments, and AI swiftly transforms these into unique merchandise.


  • Using generative AI, traditional player images are reimagined into captivating designs, like renaissance art interpretations.


  • As teams climb the ranks, special commemorative items are unveiled, marking their progress.


  • When teams clinch victory, distinct items are crafted, celebrating both team achievements and individual player accolades.


  • After the tournament concludes, curated product bundles become available, perfect for gifts or keepsakes.


  • Limited-time offerings, such as uniquely themed hoodies, create urgency and enhance fan involvement.


  • The continuous rollout of innovative products not only delights fans but ensures a steady revenue stream, crucial for tournament sustenance.

Limited-time product offerings, designed around themes and team achievements, add a layer of excitement and urgency for fans. These curated product ranges, combined with post-tournament bundles ideal for gifting, not only enrich the fan experience but also provide a consistent revenue stream, ensuring the tournament’s sustainability.

Great images processed much faster:

Real time image review and correction

Our tournament sites are designed with a strong emphasis on image and video support. Whether it’s player snapshots, team group photos, candid shots of the organizers, event captures, or the grandeur of award ceremonies, we’ve got it all covered.

To ensure that every memory shines its best, we employ advanced AI optimization techniques. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures the images are primed for immediate and seamless sharing across all major social media platforms.

Fully compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud (but not required).

Communicate to all your fans and supporters:

Automatic news processing

The AI handles the meta data for each Athlete and team for you.

With the power of AI technology, images are swiftly refined and repurposed. This automation brings player profiles, engaging news articles, team pages, and dynamic social media posts to the forefront, all without the need for manual intervention from our dedicated photographers.

Seamlessly, the AI transitions these images to the cloud, tying them into our advanced CRM system. This meticulous process guarantees that every photo is automatically and correctly linked to its respective athlete, eradicating the tedious task of manual sorting.

Now in Beta

Coming Soon: Full Monetization for Sports Photographers

With custom products, you can sell to your specific audience and maximize your brand’s value. We provide tools to build a strong online presence and make money through your social media.

Average revenue per custom clothing product sale


Families that would likely buy multiple copies of a product to use as gifts within the family

As Miydi continues to innovate, our next step is to extend our suite of tools to other sports professionals, particularly photographers. Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between capturing the essence of the sport and the value-addition that our platform can provide, we’re committed to forging and nurturing partnerships.

By integrating with Miydi, photographers can effortlessly transform their existing captures into stunning, market-ready products, destined to captivate family and friends. Moreover, with our platform’s unique incentives, purchasing multiple copies as gifts becomes not just a choice, but a delightful proposition.