Miydi: AI Driven Cloud for Athletes

Introducing Miydi AI for Sports Photographers

Miydi AI for photographers revolutionizes photo monetization by harnessing AI to optimize images and effortlessly transform them into custom, ready-to-sell products.

Introducing Miydi AI for Photographers:

Expand your business and grow revenue

In the realm of photography, Miydi AI emerges as a game-changer. Designed specifically for photographers, this intelligent system takes raw captures and, using advanced AI algorithms, fine-tunes them to perfection.

But Miydi doesn’t stop at just optimizing; it crafts these enhanced images into unique, customized products ready for photographers to offer their clientele. With Miydi AI, photographers can effortlessly present families and friends with impeccable shots transformed into memorable keepsakes, setting a new standard in personalized photography merchandising.


Capturing the Energy of Youth Sports:

A photographer’s journey through Miydi’s AI

Meet Nathan, a gifted professional photographer with a flair for capturing the vibrancy of youth sports. On any given day, he’s out there, immortalizing those goal-scoring moments, team huddles, and athletic prowess of young talent on the field.

For years, Nathan has relied on traditional avenues to monetize his cherished captures. From selling prints and digital photos to crafting them into magnets, t-shirts, mouse pads, and even festive cards, he’s harnessed his portfolio to bring joy to many homes. 


This user journey will show how AI can help create additional revenue opportunities within your current workflow. 

Easy to manage tournaments:

Ready for events of all sizes

AI optimized templates to speed up operations for all levels of events. 

Nathan’s magic is expanding. He’s set to take the local tournament by storm, not just as a spectator but as an essential part of the event.

Before the games even kick off, he’ll be running back-to-back mini photoshoots, giving each team their moment in the limelight.

The AI streamlines Nathan’s workflow by effortlessly organizing all team information in one intuitive interface.

Great images processed much faster:

Real time image review and correction

With a quick glance on his digital setup, Nathan ensures every photo is just right. Immediately review images, including with advanced filters. Make corrections in real time or immediately reshoot photos. 

Each click of his camera instantly sends images soaring to the cloud, thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

Fully compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud (but not required). 

Getting your photos to the cloud:

Automatic sorting and processing

The AI handles the meta data for each Athlete and team for you.

AI tech dives in, refining and repurposing these images. Before you know it, player profiles, engaging news articles, team pages, and social media posts spring to life, all with zero manual input from our photographer.

The AI uploads the images to the cloud, integrating them within a CRM system. This ensures each image is automatically and accurately assigned to the corresponding athlete, eliminating manual sorting.

Full CRM Integration:

Easy to manage multiple teams

As the competition heats up, Nathan weaves in and out of matches, ensuring every team gets its photographic due. Winning moments, from the early matches to the grand championship, find a spot in his collection.

The AI-driven CRM meticulously constructs entries for every team and player, streamlining the organization process. This automation eradicates the manual effort typically involved, ensuring images are effortlessly and accurately managed.

Never lose track of who is in the photograph with AI face detection.

Wide range of revenue opportunities:

Printing and traditional products

Offered in easy bundles for convinient holiday gifts!

Like any pro, Nathan’s got his eyes on the prize. He translates his artistry into treasures like magnets, t-shirts, and keepsakes. From individual shots to team groupings, every moment has its merchandise.

The photos are saved in versatile formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of printing and processing services. This flexibility simplifies the task of sending images for print, catering to various vendor requirements with ease.

Building on a player’s likeness:

Creating designs with AI

In the realm of photography, the introduction of AI has been nothing short of revolutionary. With just a simple upload of an athlete’s photo, the AI springs to life, skillfully translating the image into an array of breathtaking custom designs tailored to the individual’s likeness.

The true marvel lies in its ability to cater to an extensive palette of styles, from the avant-garde to the classical, offering an unlimited number of options. 

Users don’t need to grapple with complicated software or possess any tech know-how; the AI intuitively understands and crafts designs, ensuring every creation is as unique as the individual in the frame.

Unleashing the Athlete’s creativity:

Endless possibilities

Picture this: a player submerged underwater or perhaps in a renaissance painting. The AI transforms simple images into four imaginative variations, each more intriguing than the last.

Athletes are empowered to transform their images into bespoke designs that resonate deeply with their current emotions and sentiments. With just a few clicks, they can mold and adapt their photos, crafting unparalleled visuals that perfectly encapsulate their distinct mood.

Teams aren’t left behind! Take a team like the “Knights”. AI might recreate their photo with a medieval castle as a backdrop. The possibilities are endless.

Helping realize NIL opportunities:

Ready for athletes to take control

Now, here’s where things get exciting. Nathan’s AI-driven tech adds a sprinkle of creativity, marrying team branding with photos to produce unique memorabilia. Think of a player’s face on a water bottle, now amplified with the tournament’s logo.

Going forward, athletes will dive into the creative process, customizing designs thanks to AI’s versatility. Want pink hair against a horse stable backdrop? You got it! Plus, Nathan’s ventures might soon bring live-streamed games, complete with AI-crafted graphics, into our homes.

Retain revenue for all products created via AI that use your image. Empower your athletes to use their own image to create the most unique gifts possible.

Limitless potential with Print on Demand (POD):

A full collection or products

This revolutionary approach ensures that products are only printed once a customer makes a purchase, eliminating risks associated with inventory and upfront investments, while still delivering bespoke, high-quality merchandise every time.

Miydi AI seamlessly integrates with top-tier print-on-demand services, enabling photographers and athletes to offer an extensive array of personalized products without the burden of overhead costs.

Last but not least, imagine a digital scrapbook marking a major tournament, crafted by AI. These “memory books” offer a trip down memory lane, available for a limited time, with options to keep them alive with a subscription.

Now in Beta

Coming Soon: Full Monetization for Sports Photographers

With custom products, you can sell to your specific audience and maximize your brand’s value. We provide tools to build a strong online presence and make money through your social media.

Average revenue per custom clothing product sale


Families that would likely buy multiple copies of a product to use as gifts within the family

As Miydi continues to innovate, our next step is to extend our suite of tools to other sports professionals, particularly photographers. Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between capturing the essence of the sport and the value-addition that our platform can provide, we’re committed to forging and nurturing partnerships.

By integrating with Miydi, photographers can effortlessly transform their existing captures into stunning, market-ready products, destined to captivate family and friends. Moreover, with our platform’s unique incentives, purchasing multiple copies as gifts becomes not just a choice, but a delightful proposition.